About Anantharam

Anantharam village is in Penpahad  mandal and in district Nalgonda. Our village is very peaceful and covered all over with greenery, here you find people very innocent and good in nature. I studied till 10th in my village itself. Those days were very awesome and it always feel good inside when I remember those days. Sathish G, Sathish B, Murali B, Sanjay T, Nagul Meera Sk, Gopi K, Ravi K , Parshi N, Uppi , Anji G ,Bhargava,Jani P ..These are my school friends . We enjoyed a lot when we were in school. Now everybody grown up and busy with their life.Here primary work for all people is agriculture. A canal from Annaram passes through village. It is the only one canal which supplies the water to all the fields besides this we have few lakes in outskirts of the village which also supplies water to fields near by. Most of the people depends on this canal and lakes for water. Few people have bore pumps , wells. I am sure you will nice time if you get a chance to visit my village.

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